Our company

It all started as an idea in 2006, upon a foundation of family tradition in the printing and language industry. The idea became a reality in 2012, when DEIXIS was born
it was a synergy of know-how transferred from one generation to the next since 1950, latest standards and contemporary technology, as well a vision for an innovative future.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer translation services and language courses with great quality, for both individuals and companies. We always strive to keep up with the latest trends in the language industry and to offer our expertise at competitive prices.


Medical Translation Medical Translation

We deal with technical translation on a day-to-day basis, especially with translation work in the highly-specialized field of medicine. We handle medical reports, discharge letters, medical texbooks and papers, user manuals for medical equipment,, pharmaceutical content, medical correspondence, clinical trials, as well as research, graduation, master’s and doctor’s papers

Financial Translation Financial Translation

Do not allow a bad or non-existent translation into a foreign language to cause you to miss on favorable movements of the market, or on a potential profitable deal. We translate content from the finance and economy fields. We handle different kinds of reports, graphs, tables, as well as papers and other academic theses and research of the market, based on your requests and needs.

Language courses Language courses
Learning a foreign language helps develop your personality on a cognitive, social and professional level. Let us help you learn a new language for your personal and professional upgrade. Foreign languages are an open door to new acquantances, markets and clients.

We offer individual and group courses, as well learning a new business language to help your business grow. The classes can take place at our or your offices.

We also organize courses for preschoolers and school children, adapted to the age of every student.

Please contact us for more information! It will be our pleasure to give you more information.

Literature in foreign languages Literature in foreign languages

Besides specialized books in foreign languages, we offer our students the opportunity to borrow books from our modest source language library. Literature is truly enjoyed when it is written in the author’s native language or it is a translation with an approximate quality.

Academic writing Academic writing
Academic writing encompasses writing of intellectual papers for future undergrads, graduate students and doctors of philosophy and medicine.
We help you direct your short and valuable time as a student to the most important thing–studying. We will take care of your term papers, graduation papers, master’s theses and doctor’s dissertations.

The obligation for supplying materials and references for the paper are yours. You are also in charge of your own research. We can merely help you organize and adapt your text to the required university model; the Harvard model is the one required for master’s and doctorates in Macedonia at the moment.
Your research and analyses will be moulded into the most beautiful Macedonian and English (or any other language). Based on your academic aspirations and opportunities, we can also translate your papers for a more global impact. We can also proofread and redact papers that have been written by you or someone else.

Judicial Translation Judicial Translation

We offer translation of different types of notarized and judicial documents. Files, laws, rulings, lawsuits, complaints, identification documents, proceedings, trials, arbitrages… Translation of technical legal literature and academic theses. We can also notarize the translation for you, if required.

Literary Translation Literary Translation

Translation of literary works from and into Macedonian and other languages. Translation of e-books. Translation of fiction, technical books, children books, adult books… Text editing and desktop publishing. We also have design and printing services, upon demand.

Language courses Language courses

Meet new cultures by learning foreign languages. Language courses for learners of French, German, Spanish, Italian, Albanian, Russian, as well as Macedonian for foreigners. Our courses are interactive, structured according to latest certified methods, and they have been adapted to the needs of the learners, aged between 0 and 99. We can also offer individual language classes at our offices, or in your domestic and professional setting.

Business language classes Business language classes

Don’t allow profitable deals to slip through your fingers due to lack of ability to understand your clients. We are here to help you overcome the obstacles of learning a new language professionally, with an intensity of classes suited to your busy schedule. For more learners of the same company, we offer a group discount

Exam preparation Exam preparation

Proficiency in foreign languages is best confirmed by taking certified exams. We can help you obtain qualified diplomas for proficiency in English and other languages, through our preparatory classes for these exams.

Proofreading, redacting and desktop publishing Proofreading, redacting and desktop publishing
Proofreading is an obligatory step in the process of translation or academic writing. Alongside quality assurance and review, it is yest another confirmation of the quality we offer, and it also serves as a guarantee that your personal and professional reputation will not be stained by typos or linguistic neglect.
Every translation if proofread before it leaves our work stations. You can also supply us with previously translated texts for us to check and adapt them to your business.

If formatting is a concern for you, we can run quality assurance, to make sure that all the t’s have been crossed and all the i’s have been dotted. Allow us to rework the tables, graphs and images in your files, and adapt them for printing or desktop publishing.

Who are the people behind DEIXIS?

Here at DEIXIS we work with creative individuals, both translators and teachers, with top-class expertise in their field. They are prominent intellectuals that share their enthusiasm and ideas with DEIXIS. The company was founded by Gordana Petrovska, a translator with a Bachelor’s degree in Translation studies. She has been working as a professional full-time translator since 2006 and she is an active multilingual translator.


Please feel free to contact us whether you are looking for a new business opportunity or a job opportunity.

Debarca 57/19, 1000 Skopje

(+389) 02/609-0752